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Getting Started

Image Requirements?

We recommend sending us the high-resolution image you have, either in JPEG or RAW Format (RAW Format, provides much better quality in the finished product). We will send back high quality (for prints), web quality (for online), & web water (with your logo in the bottom left, need to provide logo).

How to upload images?

Currently, its very simple, once you have contacted us, send us an email with images attached, or you can use dropbox if you have an account ( have a free version, which is perfect if your volume isn't too high).

How will I recieve my finished Images?

Once completed (turn around depending on service), you will receive an email with a dropbox link. This link will allow you to view images from anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection, and you can download the images from there too. 

What is Dropbox (

Dropbox is a third party software company providing high end, extremely secure and quick cloud database service, allowing us to upload your finished images to the cloud, so you can always have access to them via any device, and also so the files are always kept safe. You can sign up for a free account with

How long are my images stored for?

We will keep your finished images online with dropbox for 2 years. Your source files sent to us, usually are kept for around 2 months, before deletion. We recommend downloading all the images you want to keep, but if you forget to download them, we might still have a copy for you, just contact us.

Can I pick the furniture to be placed in the image?

We will always try to furnish the room to match the style and taste you are after, however, we can't guarantee exact pieces of furniture, that is left up to the discretion of the designer in charge of that Virtual Staging/Renovation project.

What are terms & methods of Payment?

Currently, all projects are to be paid for at delivery of images, once paid, you will receive the images without our logo on the image & your free to use how you see fit.

Payment methods, Paypal is the most popular and convenient payment method at the moment. For larger clients doing high volume, we can set up payment via credit card.

What if I want something changed?

No worries at all, contact us, and we will make changes to make sure you are 100% with the images you receive, we take great pride in always making sure our clientele is over the moon with their images.

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