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After many years of experience training a vast team of 3d modeling gurus, we are expanding offering our services to a broader audience. Add Virtual Staging to your property marketing greatly increases the interest and inspections for the property. 

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72 Hour Turnaround Time

Best Price to Quality Virtual Staging

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“Virtual Staging Service has greatly impressed my clients, and now my clients get Virtual Staging on a weekly basis for their vacant & even already furnished listings” – Virtual Lens Owner & Photographer

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There are limitless benefits to using Virtual Staging to up your marketing game for a listing.


Increase Click Rates, Increase Interest, More Enquiries, Higher Sale Value, Quicker Sale, Decreased Vacancies, High ROI for Client, Decreased Staging Costs,  Easier Visualisation of Future Home, More & More Homebuyers bidding on homes sight unseen, & so much more!

  • Average Virtual Home Staging Return on Investment is 586%
  • Reduce Staging Costs by up to – 97%
  • Reduce Staging Costs by up to – 97%
  • 81% of Buyers Find it Easier to visualise their future home with Virtual Staging


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Rapid 24 Hour Turnaround Time

Best Price to Quality Virtual Staging

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