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Real Estate Photographers are the Bread and Butter of Image Edits, our owners personally have their own Real Estate Photography Business in Australia, and we have built the platform and teams around trying to best suit and help our Photographer Friends! Please see below for the benefits of being a Verified Real Estate Photographer with Image Edits.

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Cheaper Editing Rates

We provide much cheaper pricing to all of our Real Estate Photography Clients, with various services being over 50% cheaper. Our priority is to build a long-term working relationship with our clients, where we try our best to help you build your own business.

We work consistently on our methods of editing, adjusting workflows to be ever more efficient, and with more efficient workflows comes cheaper pricing we can offer our clients without any sacrifice to quality.

Ordering Platform

Unlike other editors where you communicate with them via email, manage your cloud data, wait for the download link from the editor. We instead decided to take the route of handling all the order management. Once approved, you’ll have access to the account where you can upload images for editing, and download finished images.

The platform provides tracking all orders from when it’s due, to their current processing status, access to quality control log, and exact price per order, with many more tracking systems in place.

Image Delivery Service

We are going to be offering this for FREE. Any photography clients will have access to this,  which is an image delivery service, which will allow you to send images to your clients in a professional manner, where clients download all finished images is High, Web, & Web Watermark Qualities.

Other features, preview all finished images, view virtual tours and videos on the download page, Image Edits will happily provide customer service to your clients if they run into any issues via our live chat, Pay before Download (almost fully integrated). Again we will be greatly expanding this.

Free Image Storage

With our Image Ordering Platform, we will happily store all finished images/content forever, and also store the raw files for as long as possible. Thus, at any time you can download any old project files, from source, project, and finished content.

Payment System

Invoices for Photographers are processed automatically on a Monthly Basis, all payments are made via Stripe. 

Soon, you’ll be able to accept payments via Stripe for your own invoices for a quick payment system with your clients.

Booking System

Disclaimer, this feature is still in development.
One of the most time-consuming aspects for our Owners Real Estate Photography Business has been the management and booking of jobs between clients and then photography team members. Hence we are working on implementing an advance booking system.

This System will link with your Calendar, work out travel time, apply travel fee if required, work with multiple team members, pre-make invoice ready for delivery to the client, custom services to suit your business, work areas. Ideally going to be suited for individuals, small teams, and franchising.

Many More Plans

I personally really want to push what our platform can do, and try to offer as many features that will help with the general management and editing part of your Real Estate Photography, so you can focus on the customer relationship and future growth. I truly do want to help you build your own business, as we both can benefit from this aligned goal.

We also will love customer feedback, and feature requests, if you believe we are missing any feature, feel free to talk to the team and we will do our best to look into it and provide an update.

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