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Virtual Renovation Features

What is Virtual Renovation? Virtual Renovation allows you to take any property image, remove the mess, rebuild walls, re-paint walls, add a new kitchen, refurnish, adjust lighting, tweak colours, and send back to you a fully renovated room. 

83% of buyers can more easily envision their future home with a fully renovated and furnished home, done by the top of their class editors! The majority of those properties selling for 9% more than without virtual renovation, giving a huge 586% return on investment. 

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Rapid 48 Hour Turnaround Time

Affordable High Quality Renovation Editing, Starting at €42!



The Options & Pricing

Every Virtual Renovation Image starts at a price of €42 per image, which include, item removal and virtual staging, then you can add on extras, and depending on the complexity of editing, it will increase the price. Extras with pricing are below.

Example Virtual Renovation, let’s say you want a Virtual Renovation image with a Kitchen Fit-out & wall colour change. So starting price of €42€25 for Kitchen Fit-Out, & €2 for wall colour change, a total of €69.

Interior Renovations

(with Basic Descriptions)


Replace Colours of Walls/Ceilings/Doors

(Change Basic Colour)


Replace Walls

(Change Texture of Existing Walls)


Add/Replace Flooring

(Add/Change Texture of Existing Flooring)


Add/Replace Ceiling

(Add/Change Texture of Existing Flooring)


Add Interior Fixtures

(e.g. Lighting Fittings, Windows, Doors, Fireplace)


Open Space

(Remove Walls, & Build Area Behind the Wall, recommend to supply floorplan for this)


Add/Finish Kitchen & Bathroom Fit-Out

(In-complete, Non-existing, Ugly Kitchen/Bathroom, We will Fully Out Fit Kitchen/Bathroom with Essential Fixtures & Structures)





Exterior Renovations

(with Basic Descriptions)


Add Pool

(Adds Pool to Suit the Property)


Add Pool Surroundings

(Add in Fencing, Pool Furniture, Paving, Concrete or Deck to the Pool Itself)


Add Deck/Patio/Balcony & So On.

(Add Decking, Patio, Balcony, Veranda, or Pergola)



(Add Plants, Trees, Driveways, Lawn/Grass, Garden Beds, & Hedges)


Replace Roof or Driveway Texture

(Replace Texture on Already Existing Roof or Driveway)


Replace Exterior Wall 

(Replace Already Existing Exterior Walls with New Texture)


Add Exterior Fixtures

(e.g Lighting Fixtures, Fireplace, Doors, & Windows)


Starting At Only €42 Per Image

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Rapid 72 Hour Turnaround Time

Best Price to Quality Virtual Staging

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